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BREPLAST S.p.A. is a modern company specialised in processing plastic materials which derive from post-consumer products and industrial plastic waste (vials, containers, lids, etc.) for the production of polyolefin, and in particular, HDPE, LDPE PP/PE and PP, granules. Founded in 1981, the BREPLAST S.p.A. structure, which has an annual production capacity of 30,000 metric tons, currently takes up an area of 30,000 m2, of which 6,000 m2 are under cover. Initially known for its specialisation in recovered granule production for corrugated and smooth pipe production, it went on to produce a complete polymer range. BREPLAST's success on the national and international market is down to its investments into providing recycled polymers from extrusion, molding and cutting or as a granulometric element. BREPLAST's regard for customer care, product quality and the environment make it capable of looking after customer needs in the most diverse sectors.

BREPLAST S.p.A. is specialized in the collection and transformation of polimer derived from consumer used plastic (separate collection of household waste) and industrial waste. The reprocessing of the plastic waste ends in the production of HDPE, LDPE, PP/PE and PP grinds and granules for the processing or moulding of plastic products. Our strong points are:

  • Development of innovative systems able to maximize the potential of the regeneration market
  • Systematic control of production processes
  • Study of customized products
  • Development of new product applications
  • Technical assistance on new formulas developed by client
  • Continuous updating and training
  • Quality of products

BREPLAST S.p.A. has been ISO 9001 and 14001 certified for many years. The ISO 9001 certification facilitates the systematic monitoring of all internal and external processes of the company, supported by the internal  tests laboratory that ensures the constant and consistent quality control of the production cycle and of the finished products. The ISO 14001 certification concerns all the parameters of the environmental and safety management system, in addition to ensuring the observance  of the existing regulations.  Moreover, it ensures the control of the various activities with special respect to environmental practices, which place Breplast amongst the so-called ‘green companies’, synonymous of the perfect match between production and protection of environment


Environmental responsibility is one of the main building blocks of BREPLAST S.p.A.:

  • Strict abidance to all environmental laws and regulations
  • Full involvement and awareness-raising of staff on the influence of their actions on significant environmental aspects
  • Monitoring and reducing, where possible, the effects of operations on the environment
  • Quick response, according to set procedures, to changes in laws, plant and/or the surrounding environment
  • Direct involvement in the development of the Environmental System, especially through annual goals of measurable improvement

All of BREPLAST S.p.A.’s processing and machining jobs are carried out in compliance with the laws in force on the subject of environmental protection as well as other aspects. Industries that process plastic materials and choose BREPLAST S.p.A. as their expert partner can, in fact, recycle pre-consumption materials for significant economic and commercial advantages, always in full respect of the environment. The scrap material is therefore allocated to new processing phases, with no dispersal and no pollution of the land or territory. The various collection, storage, processing and delivery phases are performed only according to specific methods and through processes that are constantly monitored.

Thanks to its specialized personnel, BREPLAST S.p.A. offers pre-sales and after-sales service. The first technical consultancy identifies the mixture and production cycle for the client. Subsequently, if required, the BREPLAST laboratory provides a technical analysis of the product with the purpose of creating a similar or improved formula, thus providing a product that, observing production demands, can offer cost-effective solutions. In the post-sales phase, a BREPLAST production specialist works closely with the client’s production department for the start-up of the plant with the new formula,  so that together they can run trials so as to streamline production.

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