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BRETENE is the family of regenerated polymers produced by BREPLAST S.p.A. according to production and quality control standards that are precise and proven over time. The BRETENE family consists of regenerated HDPE granules resulting from the processing of only shampoo or detergent flaccules. For processing, ISO 14001 certified, we mean the grinding, selection, washing and extrusion in granules through a production cycle that makes Breplast a leading company in the international market for the regeneration of plastic materials. In the same family, still under the name of BRETENE, we find the regenerated polymer in LDPE produced through the same production steps of HDPE but with different plants, exclusively dedicated to this particular recycled granule. Furthermore BREPLAST S.p.A. produces the granulated PP suitable for the molding of various products. Finally, BRETENE, contemplates a series of products dedicated to the particular needs of the customer to whom BREPLAST S.p.A. gives technical assistance for the formulation of customized recipes according to the products that the customer must realize or to the machines he has available for processing. So let's talk about the compounds made with virgin and / or regenerated material that BREPLAST S.p.A. he studies in his own laboratory, head in his own production or in synergy with the customer's technical-production department, to make compounds with HDPE / LDPE / PP. BRETENE, in addition to all this, also has a particular attention to the aesthetics of the final product that the customer must realize, in fact, regenerated polymers are available with different degrees of filtration, with an excellent degassing degree and in different colors. In fact, in the field of regenerated HDPE granules, today it is possible to choose many colors, including bright colors such as red, yellow, green, pink, light blue, etc. which until recently could only be realized through the use of virgin granules as the base of the regenerates, on which the master of the chosen color was applied, was always dark, thus not allowing the realization of light colors. Today with BRETENE you can have bright and clear colors without resorting to virgin material.

Plastic compounds

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SPF M Plus 003GR195 12 - 16 (2,16 kg - 230°)
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SPF M 003GR190 6 - 8 (2,16 kg - 230°)
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SP C10 003GR050 2 - 3,5 (2,16KG - 230°)
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SP 003GR012 4 - 5 (2,16 kg - 230°)
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