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Aluminum sandwich panels

Pannelli sandwich in alluminio plastica riciclo


LD Film Dark

These products comes from post-consumer and are made of about 97% LDPE and 3% PP, filtered to 100 microns, with a fluidity around 0,4-1 at 190° - 2,16 kg. Processing the input materials consists of a double washing and a dual-extrusion which allows to create a clean granule with a low PP content and a constant quality. It is used for 40 micron film production (with the addiction of LLD and desiccant) this allowing to obtain several different dark tonalities. It is also used for the production of irrigation smooth pipes with a maximum pressure of approximately 6 bar as well as for the production of the internal walls of corrugated pipes.

0,6 - 1 (2,16 kg - 190°)
Blow film
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